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Complete Flight Training Concepto

From ab initio through commercial single and multi IFR, Diamond Aircraft has your training needs covered! Flight training is a business and your aircraft are your business tools. They need to meet the mission, be safe and generate maximum margins. Choosing the right aircraft for your training organization is a critical decision.


How do you choose the most suitable aircraft for your business when there is no single airplane that can do “everything”? The answer is simple: go with the only manufacturer that offers a complete, cost-effective fleet of modern training airplanes – Diamond Aircraft. You’ll be in good company, many leading flight schools, such as Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, CTC, Turkish Airlines or the French and US Air Force, decided to train with Diamonds.


The Diamond Aircraft training platform of the future


Our unique strength: aircraft, engine and simulators from a single manufacturer. We offer the most complete, most modern fleet of diesel piston aircraft with the best flight training performance characteristics and safety record in the industry.


Our training concept offers flight training packages for flight schools including:

  • Our entire range of aircraft (DA42-VI, DA40 NG/DA40 Tundra Star, DV20 Katana/DA20-C1 Eclipse)

  • Our proprietary flight simulators either DA42-VI, DA40 NG or convertible DA42/DA40

  • Fuel-saving state-of-the-art engines AE300 from Austro-Engine operated with Jet Fuel, with EECU (Electronic Engine Control Unit) and single lever control

  • Corresponding maintenance (EASA part 147) and pilot training in our own TRTO (Type Rating Training Organization)  

This enables us to offer significant advantages for ab-initio training of commercial and general aviation pilots.


Ask any successful commercial operator and they will tell you that fleet commonality is your key to success. Diamond Aircraft offers all the advantages of fleet commonality including minimized instructor standardization, rapid student transition, reduced parts inventories and maintenance training.

The transition of pilots from trainer aircraft cockpits to the modern airline environment has always been a training challenge. Diamond’s DA42 and DA40, both equipped with glass cockpits, have brought the opportunity to introduce contemporary computerized avionics from the beginning of airline pilot training.We have carefully analyzed the training requirements of future airline pilots as well as the operational needs of flight training organizations delivering high quality training. This was done with the goal to get new pilots “airline ready” before their first type-rating on a transport category aircraft and the subsequent initial operating experience.We have come up with a set of key improvements and modifications as well as with a variety of options contained in the Advanced Airline Training (AAT) package. This package enables you to implement airline procedures and the respective operational realism from the very beginning of your training program.Student pilots are enabled to develop the right psychomotor, cognitive, strategic and tactical skills which can then be easily transferred into the cockpit of an airliner.

Our Advanced Airline Training package

Interested in creating innovative flight training concepts you would not have considered possible? We are your perfect partner for the flight training of the future.
Diamond offers factory sales and support for Institutional and Fleet operators. Our sales professionals and senior Management will assist you in making the best decisions regarding your fleet. Based on the type of operation you run and its specific requirements, we will offer our assistance in optimizing the type and number of aircraft required, the optimal fleet replacement, and rejuvenation strategies. We will work with your staff to ensure effective instructor training, maintenance training, parts provisioning and aircraft integration into your operation. Our field service representatives are experienced EASA or FAA aircraft engineers, instructors and pilots and are ready to support you on site.


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Fleet Direct

Diamond Simulation

Diamond Simulation’s singular focus is on our own range of aircraft, for which we are the unrivalled experts.  Our simulator product range has been jointly developed by pilots, flight instructors and engineers. Designed both for basic and advanced instrument, navigation and procedural training, they may also be used for check flights, screening purposes and skill tests as well as – depending on your national certifying authority – for revalidation and renewal.

Fifty or more hours of credit can be logged on a Diamond simulator, but there are many more advantages:


  • Flexibility: log hours independently from weather conditions and time

  • Effectiveness: deepen, intensify or repeat a given training segment at any time and at any point of the curriculum

  • Safety: training of special situations and emergencies in a risk-free environment

  • Cost: significantly decrease the operating cost associated with flight training

Commitment to Safety. Industry-leading safety record.

Like the world‘s best automotive companies, we believe that avoiding an accident is the best defence - this is Active Safety. Passive safety features protect you should the unexpected happen.



Active Safety

  • unparalleled visibility
  • agile yet forgiving flight characteristics
  • superb runway performance
  • high crosswind capability
  • system and structural redundancy
  • the latest in avionics technology

Passive Safety

  • a safety cell cabin
  • unobstructed headstrike zones
  • protected fuel systems

Damage Tolerance

This means that during certification testing, known defects were created in structural parts to show that even with severe damage, the parts could still carry design loads.

Failsafe Design

Critical structures and joints, including control surface hinges, are designed such that the complete failure of a single element will still allow safe flight. That‘s why the DA40 and DA42 feature dual redundant spars in the wings and tail surfaces, and dual connections for all critical joints.

Occupant Protection

  • energy absorbing seats - up to 26 g impact protection
  • airbag seatbelts - further energy absorption to minimize injury
  • „antisubmarine“ seats - seat geometry keeps occupants from sliding under lapbelt
  • unobstructed headstrike zone - no sharp edges or obstructions in the area where head injury might occur
  • Diamond conducts full scale impact testing with instrumented Crash Test Dummies

Fuel System Protection

The Diamond Aircraft DV20, with its aluminum aft fuselage mounted fuel tank is designed to protect the fuel as well as it protects the occupants (this is current state of the art in automotive applications). The dual spar design and aluminum fuel cells of the aircraft types DA40 and DA42 protect the fuel like no other airplane that carries fuel in the wing. Many airplanes carry fuel directly behind the leading edge skin of the wing - the implications of an impact in that area are obvious!

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